Amazon FireTV Driver for 1st & 2nd Generation


Amazon FireTV Driver for 1st & 2nd Generation


This driver provides one-way control over your Amazon FireTV.


This driver works with 1st/2nd Generation Fire TVs running Fire OS5. This driver currently does not work with Fire OS 6.2.1 and above. We are not able to refund driver license purchases.

NEW! -- Sample File includes an Aleera iPad sample from Blackman Customs. Includes a standard iPad template as well as preset icons!

Get the full Aleera suite here:

Features Include:

Remote Emulation

Direct App Launching


1.02 - Adds Netflix to App Launcher command. 

- Improves scrolling speed with Cursor Commands

1.03 - Fixes Starz Crash. Fixes Menu Command. Fixes Heartbeat. Adds Fast Forward, Rewind and Stop Commands.

1.04 - Actually fixes the Menu Command.

1.05 - Fixed 'Cursor Select' command to work with newer apps. Added NFL Sunday Ticket, Watch ESPN and Weather - MyRadar Apps.

1.10 - Adds support for 15 Fire TVs. Adds <Selected> functionality. Adds function to get list of user installed packages. Adds Custom App launching function. Adds Custom Keycode function.

1.11 - Fixes connection issue in Single Instance Mode from Version 1.10.

1.12 - Optimizes Fire TV from going to sleep. This is no longer an option in config and is set when the driver connects.     

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